To help encourage the community, students, family and friends of AHS to stay “Warrior Strong,” Tyler Aikens, a sophomore at Arapahoe High School designed a t-shirt and organized a fundraiser to support Claire Davis and the students of Arapahoe High School after the shooting on 12/13/13.

Please show your support for Arapahoe High School by purchasing a Warrior Strong Shirt or making a financial contribution. 100% of  proceeds will be donated to benefit the students of Arapahoe High School.

This project could not have happened without PROformance Apparel and the late nights and countless hours they have put into the printing of the shirts.    Thank you Lisa, Jeff, Amanda, Amanda, Monica, Ann – you guys are absolutely the best! 

 Stay Warrior Strong

Wear Your Shirt!

PROformance Apparel  printed over 3,000 Warrior Strong shirts and we are out of all sizes.  Wear Your Warrior Strong Shirt knowing that we generated over $30,000 for Claire Davis.

Buy A Shirt

PROFormance Apparel has set up an online store where Warrior Strong shirts can be purchased and shipped.   Place your online order for a Warrior Strong t-shirt to support Arapahoe HS.

Buy A Shirt
Make Contribution

If you wish to provide support to Arapahoe High School  , contributions can be made via PayPal.  100% of  proceeds will go directly to support the students of AHS.

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